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Play off results

Author: Charlie Orton, 05/05/18

The men's Final

Another great set of matches in the League Play-off. There were difficulties getting the equipment correct in the Crystal Palace Venue, but they were eventually sorted out.

Women's Div 1 playoff

London Rebels beat Inter Div 1 Women 21-8 21-19 21-15

Men's Div playoff

London Lionhearts Alpha beat Willesden 15-21 21-12 21-16 21-13

Women's Premier Division Play off

London Rebels Women beat ULU 22-20 22-20 21-10

Men's Premier Division Play off

Flaming Six Aces beat Lionhearts Alpha 15-21 21-16 21-15 21-18

So London Rebels Women take a place in the Women's Premier Division

and Flaming Six Aces retain their place in the Men's Premier Division.


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